Plantago major

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Noun1.Plantago major - common European perennial naturalized worldwidePlantago major - common European perennial naturalized worldwide; a troublesome weed
plantain - any of numerous plants of the genus Plantago; mostly small roadside or dooryard weeds with elliptic leaves and small spikes of very small flowers; seeds of some used medicinally
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Reit wrth ochr y lon darmac roedd hi'n braf gweld y meillion coch yn gwenu'n siriol arna i, ac ychydig yn nes draw roedd llydan y ffordd (Plantago major; Greater Plantain) a'i flodau wedi hen hadu.
Blount wrapped her son's foot in a poultice using a variety of plantain she'd been studying called plantago major. By the next morning, she says, her son's foot was better; the telltale red line that comes with blood poisoning had disappeared and so had the wound from the shell puncture.
(2011) estudando o potencial alelopatico de extratos aquosos de erva-cidreira (Lippia alba Mill.) na germinacao e vigor de sementes de tanchagem (Plantago major L.), nao observaram diferencas significativas entre as concentracoes dos extratos, quanto a porcentagem de germinacao das sementes de tanchagem.
Plantaginaceae Sinir otu, Sinirli ot Plantago major L.
Similar other studies involving herbal extracts from Plantago major and Tecomastans have been reported to improve wound healing (Mahmood and Phipps, 2006; Kameshwaran et al., 2014).
A general drawing and healing poultice can be made by picking fresh plantain (Plantago major) leaves and kneading them with your fingers until they're well-bruised, softened, and freely emitting their juices.
The sampling quality calculated in our study station, is equal to 0,003, with 11 species contacted once, it is about Apium nodiflorum, Plantago major, Lolium multiflorum, Avena sterilis, Graminees inditerminees, Plantago crasiifolia, Polygonum lapathifolium and Rumex conglumeratus.
(campanulaceae) Ursolic acid and oleanic acid " isomers (extracted from plantago major L.
The active ingredients are: Grindelia robusta 3X--Purpose: Anti-itch/skin protection, Plantago major 4X--Purpose: Anti-itch/pain-relieving/wound healing, Calendula officinalis 3X--Purpose: Wound healing/scar prevention.