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Only an hour before, Jerry had come down from the plantation house to the beach to see the Arangi depart.
She had protected him like a lioness when the big puarka (which, in Jerry's vocabulary, along with grunts and squeals, was the combination of sound, or word, for "pig") had tried to devour him where he was cornered under the high-piled plantation house. Like a lioness, when the cook-boy had struck him with a stick to drive him out of the kitchen, had Biddy sprung upon the black, receiving without wince or whimper one straight blow from the stick, and then downing him and mauling him among his pots and pans until dragged (for the first time snarling) away by the unchiding Mister Haggin, who; however, administered sharp words to the cook- boy for daring to lift hand against a four-legged dog belonging to a god.
On the road leading north from Manchester, in eastern Kentucky, to Booneville, twenty miles away, stood, in 1862, a wooden plantation house of a somewhat better quality than most of the dwellings in that region.
He had an awesome plantation house built in Tugbok utilizing Japanese carpenters and masons.
The site was once home to the Olivier Plantation House until the St.
Kitts and Nevis to visit the Hermitage Plantation House.
Judge Quinn accepted Rowntree, of Plantation House in Kingscourt, Co Cavan didn't intend the carnage he caused.
Instead of a village that would make it a more authentic culinary experience, there was a beautiful former abaca plantation, the Hijo Resort, where the remnant of United States colonial rule was called Plantation House.
St Nicholas Abbey, a former plantation house, combines history and a rum distillery in one venue.
The renovation is inclusive of every guestroom and suite, the Plantation House, the heart of the resort where guests will enjoy The St.
Take Lydia's musing on the commercialization of Emilie and Isidore's plantation house: