n.1.The occupation or position of a planter, or the management of a plantation, as in the United States or the West Indies.
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Consequently, Britain's "Code Noir"--as the Amelioration Order in Council was commonly described--not only legalised the existing terror regime but also placed new instruments of cruelty in the hands of both plantership and the State.
In deference both to the law and to the ethos of plantership, Romeo was found guilty and sentenced to twenty stripes in the public road at Guapo, his home district.
Samuel Martin of Antigua was sure that "there is not therefore a greater error in the whole practice of plantership than to make sugar, or to plant canes at improper seasons of the year." Those who failed to plant between June and October and to harvest between the first of January and last of June would find themselves grinding cane later in the year, missing the relative dryness of the first quarter, always better for cutting cane and boiling than for planting.
(19.) Samuel Martin, An Essay on Plantership, Humbly Inscrib'd to all the Planters of the British Sugar-Colonies in America, 2nd ed.
Benjamin McMahon, who worked on various estates in the years immediately preceding and following the Apprenticeship System, mentioned in his Jamaica Plantership (1839) that S.M.