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n. pl. plan·ti·bod·ies
An engineered mammalian antibody produced in plant cells by the proliferation of a plant virus into which the antibody's genetic material has been introduced.

[Blend of plant and antibody.]
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1) Plantibodies confers passive immunity in an individual and can be used in the form of vaccines.
Plantibodies against the plague bacterium and botulism are also in development.
Biolex now has exclusive rights to five United States patents in its Plantibodies portfolio, giving the company coverage for the production of antibodies in transgenic plants and their use to treat humans.
Whaley and Hein are now working to make corn produce the antiherpes plantibodies, as well as antibodies that prevent sperm from reaching an egg.
This is the fourth United States patent granted for Plantibodies technology developed by Epicyte scientists; the company has rights to corresponding granted patents in Japan, Europe and Australia.
To further the cancer-fighting prospects of plantibodies, the researchers now are working with a Scripps immunologist in an attempt to put genes for human-tumor-attacking antibodies into plant cells.
The HIV plantibodies were developed as part of a National Institutes of Health Advanced Technology SBIR award.
Epicyte owns exclusive rights to this Plantibodies technology and is using it to produce its own pipeline of human monoclonal antibodies.
His experience in building critical R&D relationships and acquiring and licensing technologies will be invaluable as Epicyte further develops its infectious disease and sexual health product pipeline and continues to pursue collaborations and licensing opportunities for the Plantibodies technology.
Epicyte, the developer of the Plantibodies technology for manufacturing human monoclonal antibodies in plants, had previously raised $10.