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A small plaque or tablet, as of metal, stone, or ivory, often inscribed or embossed for purposes of decoration, commemoration, or identification.

[French : plaque, plaque; see plaque + -ette, feminine of -et, diminutive suffix; see -et.]


1. (Geological Science) geology obsolete a flat concretion found in sedimentary rock
2. (Anatomy) anatomy obsolete a minuscule body or platelet found in most mammalian blood
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Toutes les versions arborent la plaquette SLC Final Edition exclusive sur les ailes avant, sous la sortie d'air chromee.
[beaucoup moins que]Si on remplace, par exemple, une plaquette de freins par une piece contrefaite ou de mauvaise qualite, le disque risque d'etre abime, ainsi que d'autres pieces de la voiture.
Ceramic historians have long known about and studied the connections between prints and the paintings that grace the surfaces of istoriato maiolica, while the best plaquette catalogues frequently allude to the visual sources behind these small-scale but powerful sculptural works.
Mayor Skaka and BukviA presented Plaquette of the City of Sarajevo - SBF 2018 to numerus officials at last-night's reception to thank them for contributing to the ninth Sarajevo Business Forum with their knowledge and experience.
The award consists of a cash prize (RSD 150,000) and a plaquette. Candidates for the award can be nominated by editorial boards, financial institutions and individuals until 15 November 2016.
Numerous members of the diplomatic community together with a good number of local spectators were also present at the ceremony that included the unveiling of a memorial plaquette inside the training facility.
Vice et corruption a Montreal, 1892-1970 est une plaquette de 129 pages issue d'un memoire de maitrise realise a l'Universite de Sherbrooke.