Plastic element

(Physiol.) one that bears within the germs of a higher form.
- Lyell.

See also: Plastic

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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When placed in a body, the plastic element of the scaffold will slowly dissolve leaving healthy bone tissue in place.
When the strength limit of element H[[sigma].sub.N] < [[sigma]] is reached, wherein [[sigma]] is the ultimate loading of a plastic element, the Bingham medium behaves like the Hooke's elastic medium.
Spectrum's linear and rotary potentiometers use a co-molded conductive plastic element for a hard, smooth surface.
A specialist plant is required to remove and recyle the plastic element of some goods so a nearby site would be ideal.
Designated the Model P260, the panel potentiometer features a conductive plastic element with up to 6 gangs, and is sealed for dusty or contaminated environments.
The Eggxactly cooker holds the egg in a flexible plastic element which heats it to just over 100C.
Besides boasting of 4G-LTE (with 150mbps download speed) network support, another notable aspect of Ascend G6 is that it flaunts a feature-rich 5.0-megapixel camera with four plastic element lens, voice-activated hands-free 'Selfie' function and 88-degree wide-angle shooting capability.
According to the company, Spectrum's potentiometers use a co-molded conductive plastic element for a hard, smooth surface and greater long-term reliability compared to raised circuit element potentiometers.
James Seddon has produced a device called Eggxactly, which places the egg in a flexible plastic element and heats it to just over 100C.
Next to these two elements was a third plastic element on the wall, another incongruous presence, a large, irregular volume, geometric and faceted, and divided into two elongated sections, upper and lower, with a small side "arm," the entire piece clad in a mirrored surface.
Available in three standard stroke lengths of 0.5-, 1- and 1.5-in., the device's plastic element is within a chemically-resistant housing that measures 0.35- by 0.5-in., with lengths of 1.06-, 1.56- and 2.06-in.