Plastic operation

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an operation in plastic surgery.

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In that role, he was responsible for start up of a polyethylene terephthalate plastic operation, and grew the overall business at an annual rate of 20 percent.
Prior to Cooper, he served for 16 years with the Eaton Corporation most recently was VP and general manager for the fluid power hose and plastic operation. His experience also includes a decade in public accounting, mergers and acquisitions.
To perform plastic wound closure in 36 patients we employed various methods, such as, local tissue plastic operation (with the sliding or inter-advancing skin flaps, flaps from previously amputated toe or Indian flaps), local tissue plastic operation with the controlled tissue tension, split-skin grafting or combined plastic operation.
The doctors have managed to fortify the foundations of her skull and Ivan Traykov, Director of the Burn Clinic, has carried out a complex head skin plastic operation.
"Right now, we could use someone to help in our plastic operation."
According to his profile, he was 183 centimeters tall and figures/76K in weight; Small-boned physique; It is black hair and eyes are blues; It is in a right cheek and a left shoulder and there is a mark of the plastic operation on the shell* of the scar and the right hand.
Presence of wounds with the bed of bone structures, joints, tendons, fasciae as well as lesions of the foot load-bearing area and in places subject to the highest pressure are the indications for the local tissue plastic operation. This type of surgery is used whenever wounds are to be closed by sliding, inter-advancing or rotation of the foot cellulocutaneous flaps with adaptation of the tissues with sutures avoiding extreme (critical) tension.
"Awarding points drives friendly competitiveness," he says, meaning competition not only among workers but among the plastic operation's four supervisors, who are each eager to have the best-trained team.
The sheet-metal and plastic operations are usually performed in separate locations.
Written by an international group of urologists, oncologists, obstetrician/gynecologists, and surgeons, the 170 chapters outline surgical basics and step-by-step techniques--as well as anatomy, positioning, indications, complications, post-operative care, and commentary from other surgeons in some chapters--for malignancies, reconstruction, correction, plastic operations, benign disease, excision, and augmentation of various urological organs.