a.1.See Plastic.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Plastical Stuff Plastic is polymer; a material consisting of any range of this chain forms many molecule unit repeats, or monomer.
Import of group "Wood manufacture and article of paper" decreased 21.8 percent,"Chemical and plastical products" decreased 16.1 percent, etc.
When simulating the isotropic consolidation initial stress state, the same problem occurs like the Original Cam-Clay model; (2) when unloading, hardening along [K.sub.0] line may induce smaller elastical zone and greater plastical strains compared with practice situation.
This might because that the diatomite particles may generate stress concentration in the matrix around them to produce shear yield and absorb plastical impact deformation energy, in addition to induce crazes in the matrix around them under impact load when the filler concentration is low, these crazes may absorb impact deformation energy and block the further development of the micro-cracks, resulting in improving considerably the impact fracture toughness of these composite systems.
These mechanisms might be that this kind of particles might produce synthetic effect with resin matrix, and the matrix around these particles will yield first to form larger plastical deformation to absorb more impact deformation energy than other composite systems, leading to increase of the notched impact fracture toughness of the composites.
This indicates that the matrix around the inclusions will yield first under impact load due to stress concentration to generate plastical deformation and form some matter like as ribbons.
Products with non-rounded complex geometrical sections can be obtained only by extrusion, a plastical forming process, which generally leads to nonuniformities in final product.
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