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An ancient city of central Greece southwest of Thebes, the site of a major Greek victory over the Persians in 479 bc.


(Placename) an ancient city in S Boeotia, traditionally an ally of Athens: scene of the defeat of a great Persian army by the Greeks in 479 bc


(pləˈti ə)

an ancient city in Greece, in Boeotia: Greeks defeated Persians here 479 B.C.
Pla•tae′an, adj., n.
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Noun1.Plataea - a former town in Boeotia; site of a battle between the Greeks and Persians in 479 BC
Boeotia - a district of ancient Greece to the northwest of Athens
2.Plataea - a defeat of the Persian army by the Greeks at Plataea in 479 BCPlataea - a defeat of the Persian army by the Greeks at Plataea in 479 BC
Boeotia - a district of ancient Greece to the northwest of Athens
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They also held Harma, Eilesium, and Erythrae; and they had Eleon, Hyle, and Peteon; Ocalea and the strong fortress of Medeon; Copae, Eutresis, and Thisbe the haunt of doves; Coronea, and the pastures of Haliartus; Plataea and Glisas; the fortress of Thebes the less; holy Onchestus with its famous grove of Neptune; Arne rich in vineyards; Midea, sacred Nisa, and Anthedon upon the sea.
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Hence, the Athenians were on their own, their only ally being Plataea, a small city-state that sent all it could, a small contingent.
Herodotus's History is ostensibly about the war between the Greeks and the Persians, culminating in the battles at Salamis, Artemisium, and Plataea in 480 and 479 BC.
After Thermopylae: the oath of Plataea and the end of the Graeco-Persian Wars, xxx+203 pages, 13 b&w illustrations.
From Plataea to Potidaea: Studies in the history and historiography of the Pentecontaetia.
Thucydides's discussion of the events surrounding the Theban attack on Plataea in The History of the Peloponnesian War underlines brilliantly the role that friction and tyche can and do play in thwarting the best-laid plans.
43) Poets and screenwriters may favor Thermopylae, but with their friends' lives on the line, most warriors would prefer Plataea.
Arimnestos of Plataea wants to be a bronze-smith like his father, but the chaos of war sees him taken to a city in the Persian empire and sold as a slave.
NATIONAL IN SAUDI ARABIA 480 BC: A Greek fleet outnumbered two to one defeated a Persian fleet at the Battle of Salamis to halt their advance into Europe: the Persian invasion would not be finally defeated until the crushing victory of Plataea, on land, a year later.
Upon his return, Dilios was not considered a coward and is later credited with leading a Greek alliance to final victory over the Persians at the Battle of Plataea.
These are the very tactics Xenophon employs in his speech to the mercenaries when he recalls the victories at Marathon, Salamis, and Plataea (An.