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Noun1.Platalea - type genus of the PlataleidaePlatalea - type genus of the Plataleidae  
bird genus - a genus of birds
common spoonbill, Platalea leucorodia - pure white crested spoonbill of southern Eurasia and northeastern Africa
Ajaia, genus Ajaia - a genus of Platalea
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In Candaba, bird watchers have confirmed 54 resident and 68 migratory bird species, including endangered Philippine mallards (Anas luzonica) and rare black-faced spoonbills (Platalea minor).
On the other hand, some bird populations, like western North American Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos canadensis) and Taiwanese endangered Blackfaced Spoonbill (Platalea minor) have much lower diversity estimates, of [pi] = 0.0013-0.0025 (Craig et al., 2016) and 0.00033 (Yeung et al., 2006), respectively.
Detection of reassortant H5N6 clade highly pathogenic avian influenza virus in a black-faced spoonbill (Platalea minor) found dead, Taiwan, 2017.
japonensis, Platalea minor, Numenius madagascariensis, Mergus squamatus and Emberiza aureola) endangered (EN) and 16 are vulnerable (VU) (Supplementary Table I).
Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia) Abu Munqar Island -- Ahmed Waheed Spoonbill, a bird that is distinguished by its unique spoon like peak, it feeds by fishing in shallow water for small fish or insects, a small catch at a time that is why it requires a lot of fishing time per day to meet its feeding needs.
It is frequented by Wader (Scolopacidae), Eurasian spoonbill Platalea leucorodia and White stork Ciconiaciconia.
A large rookery of colonially breeding waterbirds, consisting mostly of Australian Ibis Threskiornis molucca Cuvier 1829, Strawnecked Ibis Threskiornis spinicollis Jameson 1835 and Royal Spoonbills Platalea regia Gould 1838, is located in the south-west corner of the morass.
Joint ecosystem modeling (JEM) ecological model documentation 2: roseate spoonbill (Platalea ajaja) landscape habitat suitability index.
spoonbills (Platalea minor) and Saunders's gulls (Larus saundersi)