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Lower-elevation areas of the canyon are characterized as Arizona uplands subdivision of Sonoran desert scrub (Brown, 1982) and are dominated by velvet mesquite trees (Prosopis velutina) and other spinecent shrubs (Powell and Steidl, 2000); upper-elevation areas of the canyon are characterized as Madrean evergreen woodland (Brown, 1982) and dominated by oaks (Arizona white [Quercus arizonica], Mexican blue [Quercus oblongifolia], and Emory [Quercus emoryi]), Arizona walnut (Juglans major), and Arizona sycamore (Platanus wrightii).
gooddingii), alisos (Platanus wrightii), fresnos (Fraxinus velutina) y nogales (Juglans major) (Van Devender et al., 2010).
Propagation of Arizona Sycamore (Platanus wrightii Wats.) by Stem Cuttings.
In the United States, sycamore is a name reserved for several species of Platanus, among them Platanus occidentalis, Platanus racemosa and Platanus wrightii. But in Europe, the commonly used term sycamore refers to a species belonging to the maple family, Acer pseudoplatanus.