Plate bone

the shoulder blade, or scapula.

See also: Plate

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The LHS in a locking plate bone construct doesn't solely rely on the pullout strength of a single screw or on maintaining friction between plate and bone and therefore, unicortical screw placement is thought to be sufficient (Thakur, 2007).
In TD, the growth plate bone fails to resorb and accumulates in the metaphyseal region causing lameness (Tian et al., 2013; Nabi et al., 2016a).
For example, atraumatic extraction will allow for the preservation of buccal plate bone (preventing perforations/alveolar bone fracture), without which an immediate implant might be contraindicated (Garber and Belser, 1995).
Bone loss in the vicinity of plate has always been explained on the basis of Wolfe's law as a reaction of living bone to mechanical unloading of the plate bone segment (stress production).