Plate girder

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a girder, the web of which is formed of a single vertical plate, or of a series of such plates riveted together.

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The new bridges opened to traffic in October 2016, replacing a previous plate girder bridge built in 1967 that was deemed not as safe for traffic, with more narrow shoulders that lead to lane closures when disabled cars needed to get over to the side or during routine maintenance.
Efficiency of application of the plate girder with slender web (GSW) is determining with the relatively small thickness of web compare with usual welded beams that give sufficient reducing expense of metal for web and more rational using of it[1, 2].
(1978) to calculate the ultimate strength of straight steel plate girders in which it was assumed that shear in a plate girder is resisted by the web plate up to the elastic load (Fig.
Further subjects addressed include simulating seismically isolated buildings under earthquake-induced pounding incidences and dynamic behavior of a steel plate girder railroad bridge with rail joints.
Other standard features include a plate girder construction for strength, durability, and mobility; a three compartment sink with faucet and hand spray; a hot water heater; a pump and accumulator to keep up water pressure; a fresh water supply; a water filtration system; a low water alarm; waste water tanks; a sneeze guard; and a GFI protected electrical system.
From here spring a series of curved plate girder ribs which taper in cross-section along their length in both depth and width.
The second example is a 122-m, three-span, skewed steel plate girder bridge over a river in New England in AASHTO Seismic Performance Category B with a design acceleration of 0.15 g.
Steel-concrete composite plate girders display greater strength and stiffness compared to the corresponding bare steel plate girder acting alone.