Plate mark

a special mark or emblematic figure stamped upon gold or silver plate, to indicate the place of manufacture, the degree of purity, and the like; thus, the local mark for London is a lion.

See also: Plate

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Casting further doubt on the item's authenticity when photos were examined, was the lack of a plate mark impression on the print, indicating it may not be an original etching.
Authentic prints will have a discernable plate mark where the stone pressed against the paper and this indentation should be visible around the image.
HOPEFULS Tom Mullins will be hoping to follow up last year's success with Bob Lingo (from left) with Klepht and Fosters Cross, while brother Willie relies on Terminal and Laganbank ON A PLATE Mark Walsh salutes the crowd after winning on Bob Lingo ?
Without a 5lb penalty for winning at York earlier this month, Deauville Flyer wouldn't have scaped into the contest and, as it stands, he is still ahead of the handicapper who rates him 6lb higher than his Plate mark on the back of his Knavesmire success.
4lb higher in the weights today compared to his Northumberland Plate mark, and 2lb higher than his latest winning mark - still, there's the impression he is on the upgrade and by no means handicapped out of this, which is more than can be said of some of his rivals
Plate, edition, artist proof (AP), limited edition, plate mark, intaglio, serigraph (silkscreen), litho matter what level you teach, is to talk about where we see prints (or even imprints).
Door frames crafted in blackened steel plate mark the two openings into the gallery.
Another telltale pointer is the plate mark, a straight line indentation in the paper which runs around and just beyond the edge of the image.
Upon closer examination of the photographs, we did not view a plate mark impression on the print, indicating it may not be an original etching.
Several photos (from different points) were taken at each measurement step and coordinates of the calibration plate marks for each step were calculated using PhotoMod photogrammetric software in manual mode (since no special software was prepared for the initial preliminary test).
And, although the legislature has approved plates bearing the national motto "In God We Trust" as well as the phrase, "God Bless America," the "I Believe" plate marks the first time that the legislature has ever passed legislation approving a license plate that promotes a particular faith.
Etchings have distinguishing plate marks on the image edge and slightly embossed surfaces.