Platonic love

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a pure, spiritual affection, subsisting between persons of opposite sex, unmixed with carnal desires, and regarding the mind only and its excellences; - a species of love for which Plato was a warm advocate.

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And in platonic love there can be no tragedy, because in that love all is clear and pure, because..."
I think the poet desired to embody in this one picture the whole spirit of medieval chivalry and the platonic love of a pure and high-souled knight.
"If it goes by good name and fame," said the bachelor, "your worship alone bears away the palm from all the knights-errant; for the Moor in his own language, and the Christian in his, have taken care to set before us your gallantry, your high courage in encountering dangers, your fortitude in adversity, your patience under misfortunes as well as wounds, the purity and continence of the platonic loves of your worship and my lady Dona Dulcinea del Toboso-"
'Sister' is a rare gem-it would perhaps take quite some time again before another artist writes an anthem for platonic love, friendship and sisterhood, that rides on catchy, resonating lyrics: 'If you ever go and get your heart broke, I would go and take a red-eye plane.
Vincent is an ordinary student with a knack for magic tricks, who likes to play RPGs with his friends, and has never experienced more than platonic love ...
Amar Jaleel, in conversation with writer Aijaz Mangi, spoke at length on various philosophical subjects, which included the afterlife, suicide and love, particularly the platonic love he often portrayed in his series of short stories.
As it spreads out before the reader like a lavish tapestry, Wilson's story becomes a gorgeous, ambitious meditation on faith, platonic love, magic and even storytelling itself, with a trio of unforgettable personalities serving as its beating, endlessly vital heart.
Thus far, the modern world is hardly to find such a friendship amongst the nations set up on the basis of any Platonic love or love without any interest.
Amelia Bullmore's tragicomedy charts how their platonic love stands the test of time, starting in 1983 when they meet as freshers.
We cover unrequited love, romantic love and platonic love, and all the nuances in between."
Not just romantic love but platonic love and brotherly love.