Play of colors

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prismatic variation of colors.

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Aptly titled 'Contrast,' the exhibit showcased an innovative and eye-catching play of colors, shapes and textures.
The festival will feature religious rituals of Hindus including the play of colors with participation of different religious minorities living in different parts of the country.
The festival of colors is celebrated in the areas of Hindu Majority while in Pakistan the Hindu minority also celebrate this with play of colors in their communities and also burn logs of wood to symbolize victory of good over evil and observe Holi Pooja.
Nourished by references to EI Greco and Zurbaran, present in the play of colors and gesturality of the figures, these tableaux vivants of contemporary athletics open wide the free zone an artist might today occupy between fine art and media.
Springs' Artistique collection under the Wamsutta brand showed an eclectic mix of fabrics that are drawn from apparel, a play of colors and embroidery, applique and hand-stitched details.
The exhibition entitled "Wandering Colors" portrayed a reflection of images with the technique of realism that captured minor details in strong lines and floating images through play of colors for art lovers of twincities.
This transmutation of melodramatic narrative into a play of colors reminds me of the pivotal scene where Dennis Haysbert delivers his impromptu remarks on a Miro painting to a visibly impressed julianne Moore.
Nevertheless, the euphoric discovery of "primitive" art or of the play of colors in the Tunisian Casbah--not to mention the particular function that the image of the "Negro" and "Negro art" served in Nazi propaganda-could have been related, or rather, needed to be related to the background of German colonialism.
The light does more than illuminate the contours of its object; it creates a diffuse, painterly play of colors that seems to emanate from the interior of the glass.