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[ˈpleɪdəʊ] npâte f à modeler
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Craig Wilkins, marketing director at Hasbro, said: "We're really excited to take PLAY-DOH around the UK this summer and drive brand engagement with both kids and the big kids who've grown up with it.
Also, he re-imagined and re-invented its portfolio of brands including TRANSFORMERS, NERF, MY LITTLE PONY, MONOPOLY, MAGIC: THE GATHERING and PLAY-DOH, in addition to many other brands.
Kids can take the lid off of their imaginations and launch into epic adventures with the Play-Doh Millennium Falcon Playset ($19.99) featuring Star Wars Can-Heads.
Toys 'R' Us invite you to come and enjoy a Play-Doh Activity Session at their store in Coventry today and tomorrow, a FREE activity to let your child's creative imagination run wild with Play-Doh fun.
Kadie-Leigh Stewart making shapes with the Play-Doh
He has to govern, not engage in the Play-Doh politics of the SNP's Westminster group which backed the Friends of the Earth moratorium on fracking and accused Labour of a sell-out.
"The brain is like a 3lb piece of Play-Doh: you can re-sculpt it by breaking old mental habits and creating new, more flexible ways of thinking" - Entertainer Ruby Wax, who is recovering from depression.
So use lumps of Play-Doh to play Pac-Man, utilise bananas as a piano keyboard and rearrange alphabet spaghetti into a workable keyboard - it's terrific fun.
Where I come from women with fat ankles and pudgy faces sporting noses that look like they've been crafted from a large blob of Play-Doh, aren't considered beautiful.
This Play-Doh Twirl N Top Pizza Shop at pounds 13.84 and other Play Doh products are included.
During the day there will be craft activities including mask making, colouring and playing with Play-Doh.
"And she said Play-Doh is a good distraction for kids when they are waiting, or when they are undergoing a procedure.