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[ˈpleɪdəʊ] npâte f à modeler
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With the almost e1/4200 donated, I bought a lot of art materials from play-dough, to glitter via pots of paint and coloured paper.
Make play-dough--there are many uses for play-dough once the campers have made it.
Whether in play-dough or watercolors, crayons or acrylics, I have been creating for as long as I can remember.
Through books, imaginative play, cars, painting, puppets, puzzles, play-dough, construction toys and art, children develop the skills they‚ll need to be successful in kindergarten.
The zone, open from noon until normal mall closing hours, offers a wide range of arts and crafts for small children such as face painting, henna art, and play-dough art.
It provides activities such as making flip books or play-dough for model building but more importantly it encourages children to use their critical faculties by assessing the practicality of objects often taken for granted.
With hindsight, we can now but realise that his actions, at that time, while mild in their industrial disruptiveness were, in effect, mere play-dough when compared to the lethality and finality of the machinations of such as the Phoenix Four.
Thinking about the reference to the children's book is partly what led me to the material choice of play-dough.
Dough play Forget shop-bought Play-Dough - it's quick and easy tomake up a batch of dough yourself, and the kids will love helping with the preparation.
Activities such as treasure hunts, Lego competition, relay races, swimming lessons, tennis and dominos, along with creative workshops incorporating arts and crafts, Play-Dough making and drawing will ensure there are many 'Happy Campers' this year.
When asked how the two roles compare, Riseborough replies: "With Margaret Thatcher we had footage of her, so I could be like play-dough with that, and let it live in me.
I watched her from the window (half-hiding behind a plant) with a mixture of amusement and wryness as she picked up some play-dough, and the same child who had been unwilling to let go of my hand moments ago, seemed oblivious to my existence.