Pleasant Island

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Pleasant Island

(Placename) the former name of Nauru


(nɑˈu ru)

Republic of, an island republic in the Pacific, near the equator, W of the Gilbert Islands: a UN trusteeship until 1968. 10,605; 8 sq. mi. (21 sq. km). Formerly, Pleasant Island.
Na•u′ru•an, n., adj.
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Noun1.Pleasant Island - a small island in the central Pacific Ocean 2,800 miles to the southwest of Hawaii; in Micronesia to the west of the Gilbert Islands
Federated States of Micronesia, Micronesia, TT - a country scattered over Micronesia with a constitutional government in free association with the United States; achieved independence in 1986
Nauru, Republic of Nauru - an island republic on Nauru Island; phosphate exports support the economy
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But of one thing he was satisfied, that he never should have left that pleasant island, where he was as happy as a king without subjects-- no, not if the inducement held out had been promotion to the first lordship in the admiralty!
She dreamed of a beautiful country,--a land, it seemed to her, of rest,--green shores, pleasant islands, and beautifully glittering water; and there, in a house which kind voices told her was a home, she saw her boy playing, free and happy child.
she made a Lazarus-type recovery, and we were motoring across the rather lovely countryside of this green and pleasant island.
It's all on our shoulders to restore peace to this once pleasant island.
The expectation of this SPG was that it would protect our green and pleasant island, but it does nothing," he said.
What was once a farmyard is now a pleasant island oasis of lawns, borders and lots of trees.
Make all reservations through Pleasant Island Holidays at (800) 654-4386 or (808) 922-1515.

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