Pleased to meet you

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Pleased to meet you   
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"I'm right down pleased to meet you, Mistress Blythe; and I hope you'll be as happy as the first bride was who came here.
it is you, your honor," he said, advancing toward D'Artagnan; "and I am truly pleased to meet you."
Since it opened in 2013, Pleased To Meet You on Newcastle's High Bridge has become one of the most popular high-end bars in the city centre and plans were unveiled to take the brand to Northumberland.
Meanwhile in Morpeth, the firm has been turning The Queen's Head Hotel in Morpeth in a new Pleased to Meet You bar, restaurant, tearoom and boutique hotel.
In Newcastle, Crafted Projects owns and operates Lady Greys, Pleased to Meet You, Hop & Cleaver, Redhouse, and Central.
She is just above knee high and is just so pleased to meet you she is beside herself with joy.
Shaikh Mohammed said: "I am very pleased to meet you again to emphasise our keen interest in communicating with you, listening to you, learning about your conditions and taking care of your interests and affairs in order to elevate the level of service to the nation and nationals."
Royally pleased to meet you: Tim Watts, Chairman of Network Group Holdings and Sir Adrian Cadbury, patron of Marie Curie's Big Build Appeal, talking to HRH Prince Charles.
I said 'hello' and he said, 'Pleased to meet you.' "Then he and several other guys went into a private area to watch the game."
They could symbolise a helping hand, or togetherness, or just a 'pleased to meet you' ...simple as that.
PLEASED to meet you. How do you do?" Be polite whenever you meet someone, I was taught when wee, and most of the time I am.