Plectranthus amboinicus

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Noun1.Plectranthus amboinicus - an aromatic fleshy herb of India and Ceylon to South Africa; sometimes placed in genus Plectranthus
coleus, flame nettle - any of various Old World tropical plants of the genus Coleus having multicolored decorative leaves and spikes of blue flowers
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The oregano 'orejon' (Plectranthus amboinicus), which belongs to the Coleus genus (Lamiacea family) and is also known as 'french' oregano in Cuba, has shown to possess antitussive, bacteriostatic (70% ethanol), antioxidant (30% ethanol) and phytobiotic activities due to its essential oils, rich in thymol and carvacrol (Menendez and Pavon, 1999; Bakkali et al, 2008).
Fully matured green leaves of Plectranthus amboinicus (Indian borage) were obtained from home-grown plants and Mentha piperita (Spearmint) leaves were collected from a local market.
Bioactivity of extracts and EOs of Lippia alba (MACHADO et al., 2014), Lippia sidoides (FREIRES et al., 2015a), Plectranthus amboinicus (VASCONCELOS et al., 2017), and Cinnamomum zeylanicum (ANDRADE et al., 2012; WIWATTANARATTANABUT et al., 2017) has been evaluated with promising results in assays against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.
Pinheiro et al., (2015) investigated the essential oil action of leaves of Plectranthus amboinicus, Carvacrol, and Thymol on lettuce, observing the toxic action of these compounds on seed development.
The following are the voucher specimen numbers of the specimens collected: Plectranthus barbatus (FM2014/01), Plectranthus edulis (FM2014/02), Plectranthus ornatus (FM2014/03), Plectranthus caninus (FM2014/04), Plectranthus pseudomarrubioides (FM2014/05), Plectranthus otostegioides (FM2014/06), Plectranthus amboinicus (FM201407), Plectranthus aegyptiacus (FM2014/08), Plectranthus montanus (FM2014/09), and Plectranthus lanuginosus (FM2014/10).
Grace, "Bioactive evaluation of the essential oil of Plectranthus amboinicus by GC-MS analysis and its role as a drug for microbial infections and inflammation," International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, vol.
En un recorrido de campo (28 de agosto al 1 de septiembre de 2017) se observaron y colectaron (con red y aspirador entomologico) diversos especimenes de Hemiptera sobre dos plantas: Plectranthus amboinicus (Loureiro) Sprengel.
A broad variety of plant extract are used for the biosynthesis of ZnO NPs such as the leaf of Azadirachta indica (L.) [23], Cochlospermum religiosum (L.) [24], Plectranthus amboinicus [25], Andrographis paniculata [26], Aloe barbadensis [27,28], the peel of rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum L) [29], the root extract of Polygala tenuifolia [30], the rhizome extract of Zingiber officinale [31], the flower extract of Trifolium pratense [32], Jacaranda mimosifolia [33], the seeds of Physalis alkekengi L [34], and so on.
En el estado Falcon crecen de manera natural cuatro variedades de oregano, Lippia origanoide (Verbenaceae), Origanum vulgare (Lamilaceae), Plectranthus amboinicus (Lour) y Plectranthus amboinicus (Variegatus), es por esta razon que se pretende con esta investigacion determinar los compuestos fenolicos y actividad antioxidante en cada extracto de oregano utilizando diferentes mezclas de solventes y metodos de extraccion que permita garantizar la mayor extraccion de los compuesto.
and Plectranthus amboinicus (Lour.) Spreng against the clinical pathogens Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichiacoli," World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, vol.
Devi and Periyanayagam found that Salvigenin derived from Plectranthus amboinicus exerted anti-inflammatory effects through human red blood cell (HRBC) membrane stabilization [19].