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v. i. & t.1.To complain. See Plain.
a.1.Full; complete.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Pardon, j'en ai tout plein les poches," he answered, smiling, putting his fingers in his waistcoat pocket.
Then we will go on to Paris, where we will live together, et je te ferai voir des etoiles en plein jour.
"Vous qui pleurez un passe plein de charmes, Et qui trainez des jours infortunes, Tous vos malheurs se verront termines, Quand a Dieu seul vous offrirez vos larmes, Vous qui pleurez!"
Qu'ils meurent pleins de jours, que leur mort soit pleuree, Qu'un ami leur ferme les yeux!'
Ce qui est l'equivalent des realisations de certains buteurs de cette CAN dont Ryad Mahrez de l'Algerie et Mohamed Salah de l'Egypte, deux autres selections qualifiees avec carton plein en plus Sadio Mane du Senegal, un des grands favoris n'ayant pourtant remporte que 2 matches contre une defaite.
Plein air is a French expression referring to art that is created outdoors with the subject in full view.
Plein and Page will report to Brian Ovaert, global head of Securities Services and Issuer Services Operations, and they will be based in Singapore and London respectively.
In the middle of October, plein airtook place in the Art Tower Gallery, Trend Life reported.
At the entrance, on a wall of white roses, the word 'PHILIPP PLEIN DYNASTY' was framed by two giant 'Ziggy Stardust' lightning bolts and the runway was created in gold glitter.
Audacious German designer Philipp Plein marked his return to Milan after a year's absence with the announcement of a deal with the AS Monaco Football Club as the official fashion sponsor.
The festival is the region's first and largest event dedicated to watercolour painting, and will feature free live demonstrations, and plein air painting sessions at various locations in the UAE conducted by well-known contemporary watercolorists, including Alvaro Castagnet, the most famous master of this medium.