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(ˌθɔːrəsɛnˈtiːsɪs) or


(Medicine) med the surgical puncture of the pleural cavity using a hollow needle, in order to withdraw fluid, drain blood, etc. Also called: pleurocentesis
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Noun1.thoracentesis - removal of fluid from the chest by centesis for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes
centesis - (surgery) the act of puncturing a body cavity or organ with a hollow needle in order to draw out fluid


n. toracentesis, punción y drenaje quirúrgicos de la cavidad torácica.


n (pl -ses) toracocentesis f
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Second part of his presentation was on Medical Thoroscopies wherein he talked about pleural effusion, pleural tap to thorascopy.
The second workshop covered chest tube insertion, pleural tap, insertion of central line, and arthrocentesis.
We here conduct pulmonary function test, ultrasound chest and guided procedures like pleural tap pleural biopsy, close and open lung biopsy which provides round-the-clock service to patients, said Dr.