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n.1.(Zool.) Same as Pleurobranch.
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Clade C differs from Clades A and B by the lack of pleurobranchia only on fifth pereiopod and the presence of pterygostomian and parapenaeid spines.
ensis within peneids seems to agree with some atypical morphologic characters like the petasma with distolateral projections, the lack of pleurobranchia and exopod on fifth pereiopod, the fifth male pereiopod modified and the presence of basial spine on third maxilliped and pereiopods 2-3.
vaccaria, or Pleurobranchia californica evoked about the same increase in afferent activity, suggesting that aggregations of Aplysia species in the field are not determined by species-specific chemical cues (Chase, 1979).