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A trademark for a light, transparent, weather-resistant thermoplastic. This trademark sometimes occurs in print lowercased and spelled plexiglass: "The display pieces are double sealed inside plexiglass cases" (Los Angeles Times).


trademark US a transparent plastic, polymethylmethacrylate, used for combs, plastic sheeting, etc


(ˈplɛk sɪˌglæs, -ˌglɑs)
a lightweight, transparent plastic material made from methyl methacrylate, used for signs, windows, and furniture.
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Noun1.Plexiglas - (trademark) a light transparent weather resistant thermoplasticPLEXIGLAS - (trademark) a light transparent weather resistant thermoplastic
polymethyl methacrylate - a transparent plastic used as a substitute for glass
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product


® [ˈpleksɪglɑːs] Nplexiglás ® m


[ˈplɛksɪglɑːs] n (US)Plexiglas® m


® [ˈplɛksɪˌglɑːs] nplexiglas ® m
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Some 400 m of PLEXIGLAS will shield athletes and visitors from cold and UV radiation in the German House during the Olympic Winter Games.
The only problem was, it contained acetone, a chemical that damages Plexiglas.
The number of cracks that emerge in a plate of glass or Plexiglas relates to the speed of the object that broke it, researchers demonstrate April 26 in Physical Review Letters.
New Plexiglas Solar Pre-Fab acrylic lens panels are part of the Plexiglas Solar product portfolio, which consists of speciality PMMA moulding compounds and sheet products for solar applications.
Lacq, France, have leveraged this combination to produce an improved formulation in its Plexiglas Rnew Biopolymer Alloys.
More additive than subtractive, Braman's five new sculptures also feature Plexiglas cubes and rectangles balanced on or bolted to the so-called camper chunks.
debut of Plexiglas RNew, a blend of PMMA acrylic and PLA.
has introduced Plexiglas CR30 and Plexiglas CR50, describing them as "the next generation of impact acrylic polymers for use in transparent disposable medical devices.
But there's no danger of any deadly attack because the children and the bears are separated from each other by 10 inches of Plexiglas.
Quick-view Plexiglas panels that allow staff to check stock more quickly.
These then served as their "preliminary studies" for the Plexiglas sculptures that were created in the fourth lesson.
Made of brushed aluminum and green Plexiglas, the sculpture reflects light with a dull glow and casts shadows--it quietly exerts its presence as a series of physical objects in space.