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n.1.(Paleon.) An extinct genus of marine reptiles allied to Plesiosaurus, but having a much shorter neck.
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In this educational game, you travel back in time, getting a close-up look at long-extinct sea creatures like the enormous pliosaurus.
THERE aren't many folk who share their name with a prehistoric monster But this ancient sea beast has been called Pliosaurus Kevani - in honour of Kevan Sheehan, the fossil hunter who found it.
Researchers studying a giant 8m-long pliosaurus found evidence of an arthritis-like disease in its jaw.
The Bristol scientists studied a giant specimen of the pliosaur Pliosaurus dating from the Upper Jurassic.
At the time that they were alive, the Pliosaurus would have been the king of the sea, feasting on squid-like animals, fish, and even other marine reptiles.
During the time Geosaurus and Dakosaurus lived, that meant Liopleurodon and Pliosaurus.