Plug rod

(Steam Eng.) , a rod attached to the beam for working the valves, as in the Cornish engine.

See also: Plug

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I'd been told by several people to bring a light spinning rod and a heavy plug rod to fish the channels and coral heads.
However, at one point Sam Snead sauntered over with his plug rod, telling us one joke after another, keeping us in stitches and somewhat distracted as we competed to see who could catch the most fish (Snead did).
A plug rod rigged with at least 200 yards of 15-pound monofilament and a wire leader will usually handle any shark you will see.
Six- to 8-pound spinning rods or a 12-pound plug rod is adequate.
If fly fishing ain't your air bladder, try a short spin or plug rod with any of a number of your favorite lures, only smaller.