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n.1.(Zool.) Any hydroid belonging to Plumularia and other genera of the family Plumularidæ. They generally grow in plumelike forms.
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ramosa for the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean were from depths greater than 400 and 800 m (Vervoort, 1972; Blanco, 1976), referred as Plumularia insignis (Allman, 1883) (see Stepanjants, 1979; Ramil & Vervoort, 1992).
The use of stems of hydroids as substrata for other hydroid species is also a common phenomenon for the temperate southwestern Atlantic (e.g., stems of Amphisbetia operculata, Plumularia setacea; Genzano, 1994; Genzano et al., 2009; Meretta & Genzano, 2015).
Epibiont community variation on two morphologically different hydroid colonies: Amphisbetia operculata and Plumularia setacea (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa).