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n.1.(Eccl.) A pluralist.
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troop neighboring tribe starting "Hek-"; nag or cob or bay or steed; a Cockney will add one when there is no need; me & myself; Bluest ___word; a blue bird but not a bluebird; glyph the same to Sam or Pavel; to Pierre, a Haggard novel; German Expressionist Lang antagonist; only chequered signal flag; media mogul's magazine; insomnia cause for the daughter of a queen; Ian Fleming's gadget guy; spacer word for a crook with one eye; pluralizer (from many, one); afternoon meal with jam and a bun; a full 180[degrees], on a road; Beethoven's fifth's start, in Morse code; erstwhile POTUS, son of same; a past paramour; a snuffed Old Flame; public gym that will give you a bed; Brooks world war when we'll all be undead.
In light of this, Wegner's observation that -s functions as a pluralizer of modal forms in =eva and =ai (p.
For example, the use of the pluralizers a 'Dual' and wan 'Plural' indicates that Trumai distinguishes between nouns that refer to animate entities (with a human and nonhuman subdivision) and inanimate entities (cf.