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a.1.Producing several young at a birth; as, a pluriparous animal.
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A total of 20 postpartum pluriparous Gir cows were selected by rectal palpation.
5 pluriparous buffalo with dystocia due to malformed fetus was presented at Theriogenology clinic.
Practical experience with Peforelin in a large sow herd: data from primiparous and pluriparous sow.
To compare the level of progesterone of nulliparous and pluriparous females and also to clarify whether ovulation occurs spontaneously or is copulation-induced, 18 females and 7 males were selected.
Biochemical profile, including proteinogram, of the whey of healthy primiparous and pluriparous buffaloes throughout lactation.
A non-descript full term pregnant pluriparous doe aged about three years was brought with complaint of intermittent straining and signs of parturition since eight hours.