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a.1.Producing several young at a birth; as, a pluriparous animal.
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The condition is quite common in underweight, aged, pluriparous mares.
Animals: Sixteen pluriparous Mediterranean buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis, L.) were allotted into two groups, control (C) and treated (DSOP), with no significant differences in milk yield and lactation length in their previous lactation and no significant differences in days in milking, milk yield, live weight and body condition score (BCS) at beginning of the trial (Table 1).
4 out of 6 dams were pluriparous weighing around 450 kg, in which laxity of broad ligament might be there as reported by Sharma et al.
Two nulliparous and 11 pluriparous (n = 13) Saanen and Saanen crossbred female goats were included in the present study.
Also, women at their first pregnancy and pluriparous women provided similar numbers of wrong answers.
In the present study twelve pregnant pluriparous ewes (third stage of pregnancy), six Morada Nova and Six Santa Ines with an average initial body weight of 52.6 [+ or -] 6.54 and 31.3 [+ or -] 3.7 kg, respectively were used for this study.
A seven years old BCS 3.50.5 pluriparous buffalo with dystocia due to malformed fetus was presented at Theriogenology clinic.
Practical experience with Peforelin in a large sow herd: data from primiparous and pluriparous sow.
To compare the level of progesterone of nulliparous and pluriparous females and also to clarify whether ovulation occurs spontaneously or is copulation-induced, 18 females and 7 males were selected.