Plutonic rocks

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(Geol.) granite, porphyry, and some other igneous rocks, supposed to have consolidated from a melted state at a great depth from the surface. Cf. Intrusive rocks, under Intrusive.

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Toward noon, the doctor, for the purpose of burying the body, decided to descend into a ravine, in the midst of some plutonic rocks of primitive formation.
A classification of volcanic and plutonic rocks using R1-R2 diagram and major element analyses its relationships with current nomenclature.
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The autochtonous unit crops out in four half tectonic windows: 1) the Guarumo-Carrizal window (radiolarites, shales, basalts); 2) the Santa Rosa-Respingue window (radiolarites, cherts, basalts, breccias; 3) the Bahia Nancite window (plutonic rocks, detrital sediments; 4) the Playa Naranjo window (breccias).
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In southern Jordan, this structure has been subdivided into the lower Aqaba complex, comprised of a sequence of schistose and gneissic metamorphic remnants and plutonic rocks, and the overlying Araba complex, made up principally of alkaline, rhyolitic lavas and sub-volcanic intrusions.
A classification of volcanic and plutonic rocks using R1-R2 diagrams and major element analysis-its relationships and current nomenclature.
Silica-undersaturated, nepheline-bearing plutonic rocks are uncommon in the geological record and are generally attributed to small degrees of partial melting of previously metasomatized mantle in anorogenic tectonic settings (e.g., Woolley 2001; Martin et al.
This could be explained by the existence of a buttress or rigid obstacle that prevented the progression of thrusting towards the foreland (probably the plutonic rocks of Elqui superunit of the Elqui--Limari batholith).
Temperature and pressure variations in suites of Archean felsic plutonic rocks, Berens river area, northwest superior province, Ontario, Cananda.