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These variables were monitored using an automatic meteorological station (WH-1080 PC, Instrutemp", Sao Paulo, Brazil), equipped with a pluviograph that store data with five-minute intervals.
In each SHB a pluviograph and three rain gauges were installed.
A quality controlled pluviograph database (Green, Xuereb, and Siriwardena 2011) was used to extract Annual Maximum Series (AMS).
The measurement of precipitation up to today has been made in meteorology stations with devices called pluviograph and rain gauge.
Yu B, Rosewell CJ (1998) 'RECS: A program to calculate the R-factor for the USLE/RUSLE using BOM/AWS pluviograph data.' (Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Griffith University)
The data collect by the meteorological station of IAG/ USP refer to the following climatic factors: atmospheric pressure (Micro-Barograph, Fuess), air temperature (Assmann's Psychrometer, Fuess and Thermograph 79, Fuess), air humidity (Flydrograph, Fuess), duration of sunshine (Campbell-Stokes Heliograph, Lambrecht), precipitation (Hellmann pluviograph, Lambrecht), wind direction and intensity (Anemograph "Universal" 82b, Fuess) and cloudiness (IAG, 2012).
Since pluviograph and detailed rainstorm data are rarely available at standard meteorological stations, mean annual [7,45,60] and monthly rainfall amount (Ferro et al., 1991) have often been used to estimate the R factor for the USLE and RUSLE.
Direct measurement of precipitation by pluviometer, totalizer and pluviograph is done by ministry of energy and meteorological organization of country.
Rainfall at the site was measured from a 203-mm, brass-rimmed, tipping-bucket pluviograph at the head point of the catchments.
ABSTRACT: Lack of long term, continuous pluviograph data makes it difficult to determine the R-factor for the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) in many parts of the world.