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 (plo͞o′vē-əs) also plu·vi·ose (-ōs′)
Characterized by heavy rainfall; rainy.

[Middle English, from Old French pluvieus, from Latin pluviōsus, from (aqua) pluvia, rain (water), feminine of pluvius, of rain, from pluere, to rain; see pleu- in Indo-European roots.]

plu′vi·os′i·ty (-ŏs′ĭ-tē) n.


(Historical Terms) the rainy month: the fifth month of the French revolutionary calendar, extending from Jan 21 to Feb 19
[C19 pluviose, C15 pluvious; see pluvious]
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Noun1.Pluviose - fifth month of the Revolutionary calendar (January and February); the rainy month
Revolutionary calendar - the calendar adopted by the first French Republic in 1793 and abandoned in 1805; dates were calculated from Sept. 22, 1792
Revolutionary calendar month - a month in the Revolutionary calendar
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At Louhans, on 12 Pluviose [31 January 1794], the popular society conceived the idea of nominating in every commune a worthy citizen, who would both give instruction and edify his fellow citizens by his exemplary life.
CAST: Emilie Sigouin, Guillaume Tremblay, Hamidou Savadogo, Ted Pluviose, Cassandre Emmanuel, Olivier Aubin
Contract notice: Rehabilitation work for the creation of a chrs 132 residents in epinay-sur-orge sis buildings fructidor messidor and pluviose road villiers.
In his proposal made on the 8th of pluviose year II (27 January 1794), he enounced before the National Convention that "it is impossible to destroy federalism which is based on not communicating thoughts".
That abolishes the Slavery of Blacks in the Colonies," 16 Pluviose an 2 (4 February 1794), CARAN Colonies CC/9a/9.
Pluviose for January, Noma/ for April, Thermidor for July), each month being divided into three ten-day decades, plus a five-day annual holiday (fete) (six days' holiday in a leap year) (Freeman, 1990).
Pluviose, 22, of Worcester County House of Correction, assault and battery, guilty, 22 days in the House of Correction, credit for time served, restitution if any.
El trabajo del ingeniero norteamericano, publicado en Londres en 1796, fue traducido al frances "le 29 Pluviose, Van 6 de la Republique Francaise", es decir, hacia el 17 de febrero de 1798, subrayandose en el todas las virtudes que atesoraba el nuevo sistema de construccion de puente de hierro en arco acompanado de varias planchas del mismo con detalles de las piezas que lo componian.
Slavery was first abolished on 4 February 1794 during the French Revolution (16 pluviose de Van II).
The laws of 29 nivose and 11 pluviose III empowered the Legislation Committee to make decisions about freeing people condemned for anything other than "ordinary crimes" or "acts of royalism" and to restore sequestered property.