Plymouth Rock

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Plymouth Rock

Any of an American breed of medium-sized domestic chickens raised for both meat and eggs.

[After Plymouth Rock, legendary landing place of the Pilgrims in 1620.]
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Plymouth Rock

1. (Breeds) a heavy American breed of domestic fowl bred for meat and laying
2. (Placename) a boulder on the coast of Massachusetts: traditionally thought to be the landing place of the Pilgrim Fathers (1620). See also Mayflower
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Plym′outh Rock′

1. a rock at Plymouth, Mass., on which the Pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower are said to have stepped ashore when they landed in America in 1620.
2. one of an American breed of medium-sized chickens, raised for meat and eggs.
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Noun1.Plymouth Rock - a boulder in Plymouth supposed to be where the Pilgrims disembarked from the MayflowerPlymouth Rock - a boulder in Plymouth supposed to be where the Pilgrims disembarked from the Mayflower
Plymouth - a town in Massachusetts founded by Pilgrims in 1620
2.Plymouth Rock - an American breed of domestic fowl
domestic fowl, fowl, poultry - a domesticated gallinaceous bird thought to be descended from the red jungle fowl
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Release date- 30082019 - A new study examines the historical and genetic origins of the White Plymouth Rock chicken, an important contributor to today's meat chickens (broilers).
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18 July 2019 - Massachusetts, US-based Plymouth Rock Assurance has acquired New Jersey, US-based Rider Insurance to expand its investment in the motorcycle insurance segment, the company said.
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They reached the mainland just before Christmas and landed on Plymouth Rock - still there to this day - ready to suffer the effects of the harsh New England winter.
com; Clockwise from above: The Pilgrims' Church in Plymouth, built by boat-builders; an actor playing the part of a settler in Plimoth; the original Plymouth Rock which the first Pilgrim stepped on to in the New World.
The aim of this study was (1) to define the random regression model that best fits the observed data of egg production of Barred Plymouth Rock and White Plymouth Rock hens between 5 and 12 months of age; (2) to test different structures of genotypic covariance matrices (random effect matrix G) and residuals (R); and (3) to estimate broad-sense heritability, and environmental and genotypic correlations.
* John Smith and the early settlers at Plymouth Rock learned how to ferment alcohol from corn, as taught to them by Native Americans.

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