Pneumatic pump

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an air-exhausting or forcing pump.

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Tenders are invited for Armo Of E And M Services At Iced For Cag Of India At Kant Kalwar Jaipur Subhead Repairing Of Hydro Pneumatic Pump Sets
Take off both pneumatic pump covers before you power up the AMG.
1924: First pneumatic pump airgun debuts, revolutionizing "power without powder.
In Wales, the scheme is assisting Axis Precision Ltd of Penygroes in the design and manufacture of a pneumatic pump, climbing equipment manufacturers DMM in Llanberis in developing a unique safety product, and GL Jones Playgrounds in Bethesda with an exciting new product range, amongst others.
Door busters include a power unit which include a manual, hydraulic or a pneumatic pump, a rammer, a cutter and a spreader.
Ducks and geese are force-fed with large amounts of food via a funnel or pneumatic pump in their throats.
These ratchet bar systems are installed on the equipment in case of a power outage, resulting in the failure of the hydraulic or pneumatic pump and a loss of the pressure supporting the vertical load.
There are his-and-hers sinks, monogrammed TG towels, and a fully operative kitchen (water is channeled via a pneumatic pump for showering and dishes), as well as a portable library with empty frames for art or personal photographs.
The device is strapped to the patient's hips and the chest is secured to the bed to prevent slippage; traction is applied via a hand-controlled pneumatic pump system that supplies gradual air pressure to an extender bar to gradually pull on the patient's hips.
GREEDY French farmers bloat the livers of ducks and geese until they are 10 times their normal size by force-feeding them with a pneumatic pump two or three times a day.
These poor birds suffer terribly as they are force-fed large quantities by pneumatic pump two or three times per day.
and patients were tethered to a refrigerator-sized pneumatic pump.