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Roman Muradov's latest graphic novel is an ink-smeared Blakean vision of 1940s New York where Twitter exists as a network of pneumatic tubes, but artwork is still delivered by hand.
Pneumatic tubes, instead of store wagons, will deliver packages and bundles.
"Financial institution branches have changed very little in the past several decades-from simply changing where the teller sits to using clunky pneumatic tubes to transport pieces of paper just a few feet away.
For example, pneumatic tubes are in widespread use for transporting medical samples to the laboratory, because they substantially reduce turnaround times (1) and are a less expensive alternative to creating satellite laboratories (2).
Nurses will be able to request medications via a mobile phone text message sent to robots which will then retrieve and dispatch the medications via a network of pneumatic tubes, with a text message returned to the nurse when the medication has arrived.
Many records managers with a sense of history--and a sense of humor--are fascinated with older forms of media and technology, some of which, such as sending messages via pneumatic tubes, persist.
A larger, more streamlined version now available of a simple device that traps "angel hair" that wears off pellets conveyed through pneumatic tubes. CRG Logics Inc., Appleton, Wis., now offers its Angel Hair Trap in diameters from 8 to 18 in.
Glass Conduits, 1999, by Rita McBride, also plays off its site: Glass ducts resembling old-fashioned pneumatic tubes appear to pierce the museum's floor and ceiling, as if attempting to forge a physical connection between the two levels.
The Victorian Internet offers a stream of such cultural incidents, from the nightmarish struggles to wire the Atlantic to the problems of sending cats through pneumatic tubes. Yet this tantalizing portion of the book often promises more than it presents.
Time slows down on the first floor where Dr Swatch provides new parts and explanations about their workings on videos installed among the pneumatic tubes. Time becomes more leisurely still in the gallery on the second level.