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(nʊˈmæt əˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr, nyʊ-)

1. a specialized structure developed from the root in certain plants growing in swamps and marshes, serving as a respiratory organ.
2. the air sac of a siphonophore, serving as a float.
pneu•ma•toph•or•ous (ˌnu məˈtɒf ər əs, ˌnyu-) adj.
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Incidentally, a well-defined lytic lesion was seen in the sacrum adjacent to the left sacroiliac joint consistent with a pneumatocyst.
This article reviews the typical imaging characteristics of a vertebral pneumatocyst, an unusual, intraosseous gas-containing lesion of uncertain etiology.
Abstract: A patient with Klippel-Feil syndrome reported with a pneumatocyst of the proximal epiphysis of a right cervical rib.
Sargassum is a leafy, brown algae buoyed by little gas-filled berries, or pneumatocysts.
From the holdfasts rise stalks, and from them grow fronds buoyant with carbon dioxide-filled bubbles called pneumatocysts.