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n.1.(Gr. Antiq.) The place at Athens where the meetings of the people were held for making decrees, etc.
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All hands were on deck, all the afternoon, with books and maps and glasses, trying to determine which "narrow rocky ridge" was the Areopagus, which sloping hill the Pnyx, which elevation the Museum Hill, and so on.
Desde el Pnyx se ve la Acropolis, y al caer la tarde era un espectaculo de una belleza impresionante.
His international engagements are full of symbolism--his recent speech on the future of Europe was made in Greece on the Pnyx, a hill where ancient Athenians held their democratic assemblies.
Macron prizes symbolic historic settings for his speeches: he was the first western leader in modern times to make a speech from Pnyx hill in Athens, the birthplace of democracy beneath the Acropolis.
El pnyx era asi el lugar donde se discutia lo comun, el centro de la vida politica, mientras que el agora era el lugar de la vida social y en donde se discernian las pequenas cuestiones privadas e interpersonales que, de acuerdo a su grado de discrecion, buscaban o no su refugio en las estoas.
After drinking in the splendor of the Pnyx hill, birthplace of democracy, I visit the Acropolis museum.
However, it was not modeled after the open, public spaces where assemblies convened and legislation was passed, such as the Roman Comitium, the Field of Mars, or the Athenian Pnyx.
Thus this area was more hallowed than the natural amphitheatre below, known as the Pnyx which was where the democratic assembly met.
The traditional polling place dates back to the fifth century BC, when Athenians began assembling on the Pnyx hill to vote on weighty matters of state.
Participants of the XXIII World Philosophy Congress listen to a speech at the Pnyx hill, opposite the ancient Acropolis in Athens.
Liaudies susirinkimu vieta Pnyx Atenuose: a-vystymosi etapai (V-III a.
Ever since citizens of ancient Athens first gathered on the Pnyx to deliberate on the affairs of their city-state, how best to translate the will of the people into public policy has been a subject for debate.