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n.1.(Gr. Antiq.) The place at Athens where the meetings of the people were held for making decrees, etc.
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All hands were on deck, all the afternoon, with books and maps and glasses, trying to determine which "narrow rocky ridge" was the Areopagus, which sloping hill the Pnyx, which elevation the Museum Hill, and so on.
A rough estimate of 300 000 inhabitants at its height suffices for present purposes, which corresponds to full citizen rights for about 30 000 voters, of which the Pnyx could accommodate 6 000 for an assembly meeting.
Participants of the XXIII World Philosophy Congress listen to a speech at the Pnyx hill, opposite the ancient Acropolis in Athens.
Liaudies susirinkimu vieta Pnyx Atenuose: a-vystymosi etapai (V-III a.
Ever since citizens of ancient Athens first gathered on the Pnyx to deliberate on the affairs of their city-state, how best to translate the will of the people into public policy has been a subject for debate.
There are bad mistakes of names such as the Byma of the Pnyx and Tachiarchus for 'Taxiarchus', the name of St.
Not far from the giant Acropolis is the Pnyx, a small croded amphitheatre where the Assembly met, and the Panthenon temple, the most important surviving building of Classical Greece.
The Flame of Hope(TM) torch was lit on 29 June at a ceremony at the sacred site of Pnyx near the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, marking the start of a global journey to the site of the World Games in Shanghai, China.
All decisions of the state were taken, after vigorous debate, at the Assembly, which met four times a month on the hill called The Pnyx.