po' boy

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or po' boy or po-boy  (pō′boi′)
A sandwich originating in New Orleans consisting of meat or seafood, such as roast beef or fried oysters, and often lettuce, tomatoes, and condiments, served on French bread.

[Probably from poor + boy (perhaps in reference to the free sandwiches given to striking streetcar workers (considered "poor boys") by the Martin Brothers Coffee Stand during a transit strike in New Orleans in 1929), or perhaps from folk-etymological alteration of French pourboire, pourboire (said to have been used in New Orleans also in the sense "alms given to beggars," and then applied in English to the sandwiches distributed by nuns as alms); see pourboire in Indo-European roots.]

po' boy

(ˈpəʊˌbɔɪ) or


a baguette filled with fried meat or seafood
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Using family recipes and no frozen products, the restaurant offers fried, smothered and broasted chicken, catfish, pulled pork and a shrimp po boy sandwich, among other items.
When I reminisced how tasty the Short Rib had been, I naturally thought of creating a Short Rib Po Boy, the ingredients are so natural to pair with a Po Boy - short ribs, demi barbeque sauce with tobacco onions.
Cooking classes are offered by Chef Paul Warner and include tarts: garlic, onion and warm provencal vegetables with olives and basil tempura; oysters: on a half shell, farm po boy sandwhlch, and oysters Rockefeller; vegan: portabello mushroom mave and zucchini boxes; grilled rib eye steak dinner; chocolate: baked brie cheese with white chocolate sauce and four the love of chocolate cake; tea: cheese souffle and vegetables carousel torte; pasta; and smoked salmon.
Zince go to wez at PO Boy 419, Terpc, AZ 85280-0419
The French Quarter and Warehouse and Central Business Districts boast plenty of restaurants, from upscale to more pedestrian fare (like an oyster Po Boy at Mother's or an amazing muffuletta).
An excerpt from Kenneth Lin's play Po Boy Tango, which premiered at Chicago's Northlight Theatre in January 2009