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(Plants) a type of grass
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Noun1.POA - chiefly perennial grasses of cool temperate regionsPoa - chiefly perennial grasses of cool temperate regions
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
family Graminaceae, family Gramineae, family Poaceae, Graminaceae, Gramineae, grass family, Poaceae - the grasses: chiefly herbaceous but some woody plants including cereals; bamboo; reeds; sugar cane
blue grass, bluegrass - any of various grasses of the genus Poa
June grass, Kentucky blue, Kentucky bluegrass, Kentucy blue grass, Poa pratensis - valuable meadow and pasture grass in Europe and especially central United States having tall stalks and slender bright green leaves; a chief constituent in lawn grass mixtures
Agrostis alba, Poa nemoralis, wood meadowgrass - slender European grass of shady places; grown also in northeastern America and temperate Asia


A. N ABBR (Brit) =Prison Officers' Association sindicato de empleados de cárcel
B. ABBR (Comm) =price on applicationel precio a solicitud


(Brit) abbr of Prison OfficersAssociationVerband mder Justizvollzugsbeamten


[ˌpiːəʊˈeɪ] n abbr (Brit) =Prison Officers' Associationsindacato degli agenti di custodia
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For large firms, there may be POAs executed by different CPAs in different departments.
POAS said that it represents some 20% of all workers in public organisations, including EAC, the Ports Authority, water boards and Cyta through PASE-ATHK.
In November 2013, students from the two schools began collaborating online to develop a community service program to educate the citizens of San Pedro de Poas, a small town on the slopes of Costa Rica's Poas Volcano, about the effects of climate change and how they could improve the health of their watershed.
Pirzada lauded Secretary IPC and Director General PSB for their role in sorting out the POA issue.
Request our FREE 6-page guide to Wills and POAs by calling 0808 208 3172.
The farm, located the slopes of Poas Volcano, may have cost between $5 and $10 million.
102) The rationale for the POAS was that it would maximize the Chief Executive's control of the bureaucracy, as well as eliminate bureaucratic red tape and policy incoherence between the Executive Authorities and the Legislative Council.
It is mainly the POAs that have immune-stimulating effects, and TOAs have gotten a "bad rap.
Her full birth-name is Maria do Cu Whitaker Poas but that has been neatly abridged to Cu (pronounced say-oo and it means sky or heaven in Portuguese) and she arrives in the UK for a hand-picked, six-date tour which includes The Sage Gateshead Hall 2 on Monday night.
For anyone who thinks that being a photographer is a cushy number, here is a typical day's itinerary: Costa Rica, March 5, 2004 - leave Volcano Lodge at Arenal, photograph waterfall near La Paz, beach at San Miguel, Pozo Azul Eco Lodge, Tirimbina Snake Garden, Alma Ata Archaeological Park, Selva Verde rainforest lodge for shots of cowboys and plants, River Sarapiqui landscapes, views of the Poas volcano and then finally summon up the energy to stagger into bed at Posada Mimosa in Grecia.
THEMED HOLIDAYS COSTA RICA: Baobab Expeditions (0844 826 8550) offers 12-day group tour via rainforest and Arenal and Poas Volcano National Parks, from pounds 1,799, incl int transport, 11 nights' accom and all meals, excursions programme, local guide.
Asking the right questions during the LID system design phase will help ensure that the appropriate level of O&M is adopted and that the potential stakeholders, including landowners, POAs (condo, HOA), CDDs, independent third-party contractors, local governments, stormwater utilities, and WMDs have adequately considered the costs and benefits of the various options.