Pocket pistol

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a pistol to be carried in the pocket.

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The man with the dagger thrust back the weapon into his bosom, and drew forth a pocket pistol, but not of that kind which kills by a single discharge.
Sometimes, when at leisure, he amused himself all day in the woods with a pocket pistol, firing salutes to himself at regular intervals as he walked.
I had the piece of water dragged by moonlight, in presence of a couple of our men, and the pocket pistol was brought up before it had been there half-a-dozen hours.
The next thing he demanded was one of the hollow iron pillars; by which he meant my pocket pistols.
22 I didn't like, from my little Beretta 71 pocket pistol to my top-end S&W 41 and High Standard Victor match pistols.
380 has long been king of the pocket pistol cartridges.
But Colt saw the need for a production DA pocket pistol.
A: Your father had a Langenhan pocket pistol manufactured by Friedrich Langenhan Gewehr und Fahrradfabrik in Zella-Mehlis, Germany These guns were first made around 1914 and were used by the German military in World War I.
Many shooters desire an even smaller and fighter piece, more akin to the traditional pocket pistol.
As a representative of the modern pocket pistol I obtained a polymer frame Ruger LC380 while Taurus USA provided one of their Model 66 revolvers that has all the features we think of when we envision a modern medium-frame roundgun.
While the drill might appear simple to those who are using heavy guns with light triggers and long slides, try the drill with the gun you're most likely to be carrying: a pocket pistol or a large-caliber compact pistol from an inside-the-waistband holster.
The pocket pistol, which is believed to have been made in the late 1860s, is being examined by Huddersfield University's Arms and Armour Research Institute.