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1. A pustule caused by smallpox or a similar eruptive disease.
2. A mark or scar left in the skin by such a pustule; a pockmark.
tr.v. pocked, pock·ing, pocks
To mark with pocks; pit.

[Middle English pokke, from Old English pocc.]

pock′y adj.


(ˈpɒk i)

adj. pock•i•er, pock•i•est.
covered with pocks.
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Maybe only next to Claire's surprisingly smooth-sailing recreation of gourmet Pocky, this is probably the best thing you'll see all week-unless you've already seen this 12 years ago before it was cool.
The pickle of chopped vegetables, mustard and hot spices was rated the tastiest of the A-Z of food samples comprising 25 different tests ranging from pakora to Chinese fortune cookies and Japanese pocky sticks to Spanish chorizo.
Exciting limited-edition collaborations also abound: Chili Crab Ramen by Ippudo and No Signboard (available at the former's Mandarin Gallery and Marina Bay Sands locations) Ya Kun Kaya Toast and Kopi O x Pocky pretzel sets (available at STREAT and all Ya Kun outlets) a buah keluak burger by Malcolm Lee of Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant Candlenut and Park Bench Deli (at the latter's location).
It's genre on the surface, subversive in the details -- the way the kids kick off their shoes before they scamper into the house, the boxes of Pocky, the mean waitresses at dingy-delicious Chinese restaurants.
Though this isn't the first time HallyuCY celebrates this day of love, it's an event they organise every year and its main character -- the Pepero chocolate-covered cookie sticks, or Pocky as they are known in Japan.
"In our 41-year existence in Denver, we have helped hundreds of Colorado businesses grow and prosper by providing them marketing big ideas," says Pocky Marranzino, who serves as co-CEO with Kathy Hagan Brown, co-founder Tom Hagan's daughter.
Alana spent the afternoon playing, interacting and cooking with a group of children from the Children's Hearing Foundation at the Wanmei Studio x Pocky Deco Art (Studio x Pocky Deco Art) promotional event space.
The packaging for Pocky Japanese snacks plays gay when you buy two and place them together
Last week, he also posted a photo of the chocolate biscuit snack Pocky with the hashtag #2018, seemingly teasing the 2018 version of Android P, as pointed out by (https://9to5google.com/2017/02/20/hiroshi-lockheimer-android-oreo-teasing/) 9To5Google.