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(Animals) a bird of South East Asia and Australia
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Noun1.podargus - type genus of the PodargidaePodargus - type genus of the Podargidae  
bird genus - a genus of birds
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Then he cried to his horses, "Xanthus and Podargus, and you Aethon and goodly Lampus, pay me for your keep now and for all the honey-sweet corn with which Andromache daughter of great Eetion has fed you, and for she has mixed wine and water for you to drink whenever you would, before doing so even for me who am her own husband.
Tawny Frogmouth Common names for the Tawny Frogmouth are: Tawny Frogmouth, freckled frogmouth, Podargus, nighthawk and its scientific name is Podargus Strigoicles.
Temperature regulation in the Little Papuan Frogmouth, Podargus ocellarus.