Podophyllum peltatum

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Noun1.Podophyllum peltatum - North American herb with poisonous root stock and edible though insipid fruitPodophyllum peltatum - North American herb with poisonous root stock and edible though insipid fruit
genus Podophyllum, Podophyllum - perennial rhizomatous herbs
May apple - edible but insipid fruit of the May apple plant
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
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America: Wild mandrake (Mayapple, Indian apple, Podophyllum peltatum L.
Medicinal plant name Isolated compounds (structures are shown in Figure 1) Taxus baccata Cabazitaxel Colchium autumnale Colchicine (autumn crocus) Combretum caffrum Combretastatin Taxus species Docetaxol Glycyrrhiza uralensis Isoliquiritigenin Needles of yew trees Larotaxel Taxus baccata Podophyllum peltatum Podophyllotoxin Podophyllum emodi Taxus brevifolia Paclitaxel Polygonum roots, Peanut Resveratrol seeds, Berries and grapes Broussonetia papyrifera 2S-abyssinone II Verubulin Catharanthus roseus Vinblastine G.
Podophyllum peltatum was propagated in vitro by using rhizome tips as explants that developed into plantlets.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Phosphoric acid, Phosphorus, Physostigma,Plantago major, Plantinum metallicum,Plumbun metallicum, Podophyllum peltatum,Prunus spinosa,Psorinum, Pulsatilla nigricans, Pyrogenium Ratanhia, Ruta graveolens
Seed production and seedling establishment in the may apple, Podophyllum peltatum L.
El compuesto (1) es el lignano mas abundante aislado de la podofilina [4], una resina obtenida del extracto alcoholico de las raices y rizomas de las especies del genero Podophyllum [2-3]; especialmente en el Podophyllum peltatum Linnaeus (comunmente conocido como Mandrake Americano o Mayapple), distribuido en el este de Norte America y Canada, y el Podophyllum emodi Wallich, proveniente del continente Asiatico.
Cataphylls conserving an arrested but clearly peltate and lobed lamina are known to occur also in Podophyllum peltatum (Holm, 1899, his Fig.