Point-blank range

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the extent of the apparent right line of a ball discharged.

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It was impossible to miss at such point blank range.
In the meanwhile, one Mohsin got infuriated and shot dead Faisal at point blank range. The people gathered overpowered the accused and handed him over to police after beating him.
Police said that the unidentified gunmen checked the National Identity Cards (NICs) of all the passengers before shooting them to death at point blank range.
Srinagar: A 25-year-old woman in Jammu and Kashmir was shot dead at point blank range by militants, who made a video of the incident and circulated it on social media, police said on Friday.
For a prime example of this notion in the firearms retail world, look no further than the Point Blank Range facility in Matthews, N.C.
Infinity 7 allows users to generate multiplate trajectory charts and graphics, point blank range, uphill/ downhill trajectory, max range and more.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Gunmen killed 20 construction workers in Pakistan's Southwestern province of Baluchistan, shooting them at point blank range after identifying where they were from, officials said Saturday.
The ball was well worked to Hall down the right and he got to the byline before playing it low across the box where Gary Thompson was on hand to poke it home from point blank range.
"Ricky Basra was lured to a meeting point by Sarah Singh, who at the last minute was substituted by Barrington Denny who, in turn, shot Ricky Basra in the chest at point blank range.
John Cooper, 66, blasted his victims - a couple and a brother and sister - at point blank range in four merciless killings done for no financial gain.
They threw the ball at point blank range at his face twice when he asked the trouble-makers to move on.
His vehicle became lodged and as he tried to reverse, the man fired again at point blank range.