Point paper

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paper pricked through so as to form a stencil for transferring a design.

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Unless otherwise specified by the executive, organizing your brief in a point paper fashion often is best--issue, background, discussion, recommendation.
The point paper comes as Social Security is once again receiving considerable attention from Congress this year.
Whilst the point paper is being drawn in our workshops, the selected yarns are carefully dyed and one of the master weavers is instructed on the eventual scheme and size of the carpet which the sample section is to replicate.
Another problem highlighted in the point paper was the effect outdated cranials have on missioncritical communication among flight-deck personnel.
Point Paper w/atch, HQ MAC/XPQA, "Advanced Medium STOL Transport (AMST)," Oct.
At your first meeting with the congressman's office, it is advisable to have a prepared point paper that summarizes your issue.
However, if one of these issues interests or affects you, you owe it to yourself to read the point paper on it, then contact your congressman and let him or her know what you think.
The 30 point paper will be delivered over one year and will include theoretical and clinical application.
3) Unclassified CIA point paper distributed to Congressional staff on November 19, 2002.
The Certificate of Proficiency is a 30 point paper offered through AUT's post graduate nursing programme.