Point-blank range

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the extent of the apparent right line of a ball discharged.

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As the mob charged past the corner, it had been swept, at right angles and point-blank range, by the machine-guns drawn up on the cross street.
I watched him coming with a smile which, as he got into point-blank range, took effect and froze his very whiskers.
When she resisted, they shot her with automatic assault rifles from point-blank range, blowing her head into almost two pieces," IG (Operations) GHP Raju said on Wednesday.
London: Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl shot in the head at point-blank range by Taliban for advocating girls' education, has become a millionaire by signing a deal for around USD 3 million to publish her memoir.
In a convenience store in Texas, shortly after the attack on the Twin Towers, Mark Stroman shot Bhuiyan at point-blank range in the face, partially blinding him.
The vet said he would have to have been looking at his shooter and he would have been shot at point-blank range.
Anyone prepared to use a firearm in the street at almost point-blank range is dangerous and needs to be caught as soon as possible.
Mr de Menezes, left, was shot seven times in the head at point-blank range inside Stockwell Tube Station in south London after being mistaken for failed suicide bomber Hussain Osman.
Murray pounced from point-blank range to open his account for his new club after Guy Butters had headed Dean Cox's corner into his path.
Stang, 73, was shot six times at point-blank range in 2005 in retaliation for her work among landless peasants in the Amazon region of Brazil.
NORTH HOLLYWOOD -- There was intent behind the bullets that pierced the windows of a parked BMW at point-blank range, killing two 19-year-old cousins inside.
He was shot at point-blank range as he was about to enter a cashpoint at the Bank of Scotland in King Street, Kilmarnock.