mushroom poisoning

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Noun1.mushroom poisoning - toxic condition caused by eating certain species of mushrooms (especially Amanita species)
food poisoning, gastrointestinal disorder - illness caused by poisonous or contaminated food
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Selections include "Child Song" by Chinary Ung; "Poison Mushroom" (for flute and electronic sounds) by Dai Fujikura; "Quatuor pour la fin du temps" ("Quartet for the end of time") by Olivier Messiaen; and "Ashes into Light" by UO Professor Robert Kyr.
WRITER Nicholas Evans and his family face months of recovery from their poison mushroom ordeal, a friend revealed last night.
Then, there is the parallel story of Nakata, an old man who--during a mysterious attack of either poisonous gas or poison mushroom during WW II--was struck down for three weeks and became a simpleton with mysterious powers, like being able to talk to cats.