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 (pwä′tyā), Sidney Born 1927.
American actor and director whose film credits include The Defiant Ones (1958) and Lilies of the Field (1963), for which he won an Academy Award.
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Noun1.Poitier - United States film actor and director (born in 1927)
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For which 1963 film did Sidney Poitier win the Best Actor award at the Oscars?
1964: Sidney Poitier became first black man to win an Oscar for best actor, in The Lilies Of The Field.
Sidney Poitier plays black Philadelphia police detective Virgil Tibbs, who is arrested on suspicion of murder by Bill Gillespie, played by Rod Steiger, the racist police chief of tiny Sparta, Miss.
BIRTHDAYS: Sidney Poitier, actor, 92; Jimmy Greaves, TV football pundit, 79; Mike Leigh, film director, 76; Ivana Trump, socialite, 70; Gordon Brown, former prime minister, 68; Imogen Stubbs, actress, 58; Ian Brown, rock singer, 56; Cindy Crawford, model/actress, 53.
Sidney Poitier | 1936: Joe Payne scored 10 goals for Luton Town against Bristol Rovers on his debut as centre forward - a record for one man in one game.
For his starring role, Sidney Poitier become the first black man to win the Academy Award for Best Actor.
"I was really, really blown away and a big reason is because I know what she spoke about when she was talking about Sidney Poitier," Waithe said of Winfrey's speech.
She opened the envelope and said five words that literally made history - 'The winner is Sidney Poitier.'"
Legendary celebrities, such as Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Angela Davis, Henry Louis Gates, and others, tell their personal reminisces and stories about Baldwin.
Ian Charleson as Eric Liddell 7 DEADLY PURSUIT Friday, BBC1, 12.05am EXCELLENT chase movie in which FBI agent Warren Stantin (Sidney Poitier) hires tracker Tom Berenger to help him hunt down ruthless and intelligent killer in the Pacific Northwest.
The only man who knows for sure that he'll be adding one of the famous trophies to his mantelpiece is Sidney Poitier who will be honoured with a fellowship.