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But plans for one in Northern Ireland, where there is already some opposition to demands for licensed poker clubs, are expected to be resisted as well.
Under California law, it is illegal to play for money at underground poker clubs, although it is a crime rarely prosecuted.
This is one of the largest poker clubs outside London, so it's a great foundation to build on.
The PokerStars Home Games allows poker players to set up private Poker Clubs and play the online Home Games together with friends and families.
That has always been the case, as the first really big poker clubs were based here.
Last week, the Russian government signed a decree to declassify poker as a sport, in order to close a legal loophole through which casino operators were rebranding themselves as poker clubs.
There was already talk of creating private poker clubs.
Industry experts have also warned that the law could push gambling underground, with some businesses trying to skirt the law by rebranding themselves as poker clubs, under a quirk of Russian law that recognises poker as a sport rather than a game of chance.
Perhaps the number of poker clubs and societies that have sprung up in many of the nation's universities over the past few years provides us with a clue, because online poker has officially joined the student roll of honour.